Need to attract new marketing & sales team members in the next 3 to 6 months? Want to know HOW to attract them regardless of the size of team or business?

How To Attract Top Marketing & Sales
A-Players And Dominate Your Market

How To Attract Top Marketing & Sales A-Players And Dominate Your Market

Discover the exact strategies to turn ‘The Great Resignation’ into one’s greatest hiring opportunity

*Members invested $150k to be in the room where I delivered this training.

In Just 25 Minutes, You’ll Discover…

Why the “traditional corporate hiring method” is obsolete for entrepreneurs and how to avoid this huge blind spot as you look to scale your business

How to attract only right-fit, high-performing team members and repel the wrong ones for your business using this proven 9-step hiring funnel framework (yes, it is a funnel)

The little known secrets to taking your team from chaos to culture-driven–fostering growth, initiative and radical ownership

How to remove toxic team players not aligned with your company culture by getting them to quit in 5 days or less and feel great about it (the win-win approach to “firing”)

Why the “Traditional Corporate Hiring Method” is Obsolete for Entrepreneurs and How to AVOID This HUGE BLIND SPOT as You Look to Scale Your Business

HOW to Attract Only Right-Fit, High-Performing Team Members and Repel the Wrong Ones for YOUR Business Using This Proven 9-Step Hiring Funnel Framework (yes, it IS a funnel)

The Little Known Secrets to Taking Your Team from CHAOS to Culture-Driven–Fostering Growth, Initiative and Radical Ownership

How to Remove Toxic Team Players Not Aligned With Your Company Culture by Getting THEM to Quit in 5 Days or Less AND Feel Great About It (The Win-Win Approach to “Firing”)

This Exclusive Training is a MUST IF

  • You avoid hiring because you honestly don’t know what you really need, so you don’t have any idea where to even start.
  • ​You’ve hired in the past and it turned out to be a complete disaster so you’ve resigned to the fact that you’re just a “bad picker” and now you don’t touch it with a ten foot pole.
  • ​You experience pretty high turnover (more than 10% a year), so you are constantly trying to “plug the leaks” in an effort to keep the boat afloat–making it nearly impossible to focus on the future needs and hires of the business.
  • ​You’ve never abided by the rule of “Hire slow, fire fast”, so you admit to cutting corners when qualifying, screening and hiring so you could check it off your to-do list and move on to the next thing.

The quickest, sure-fire way to SCALE and break through that invisible glass ceiling is to add the right talent to your team that possesses the right specialized knowledge and skill set to get you where you want to grow. 

And that’s what this short, 25 minute impactful training will teach you.

“Nitrogen Hiring Network has hired two people for me, and they just hire amazing, amazing people (just like they say). It’s totally true, they would never present anyone to me they wouldn’t hire themselves… They go through their entire framework and find people who are a perfect fit… It’s been GREAT!”

- Krista Mashore 

About David Asarnow

Holding steady as one of the most impactful industry transformers in the marketing “agency” world, David Asarnow and his teams at Business Nitrogen and Nitrogen Hiring Network continue to set themselves apart as they uplevel the bar for other agencies to aspire to… 

Cracking the code is nothing new to David Asarnow… Just starting out in his career, he was actualizing his outrageous BHAG in taking a company from $0 to $45 million in under 5 years. In his next venture he was named one of the “Young Guns in Franchising” by Entrepreneur Magazine while growing and scaling a second company to Eight-Figures in 5-years. However, what David is most renowned for is being the ONLY 7-time Two-Comma Club and 8-Figure award-winning ClickFunnels certified consultant. 

Success leaves clues, so when David started Business Nitrogen in 2012, his vision was crystal clear… To create his own Infinite Business™ that would last for generations to come. He intimately understood the struggle of the driven Entrepreneur who wanted more than anything to accelerate their growth, impact, influence, and income–but continually found themselves struggling to reach the next level in their business. 

As a result he created the ultimate shortcut and packaged it under a united entity that encompassed ALL the elements, tools, and expert guidance an Entrepreneur would need to not only break through the invisible ceiling in their business, but also sustain continual growth, so they could successfully transform their visions into iconic legacies. Since 2012, David and his team have made over half a billion dollars for their Entrepreneurial clients. 

Each member on David’s team possesses an expert knowledge or skill set in a specialized area of marketing, sales, or business (he often refers to them as superheroes). 

When brought together to collaborate, this team has the power to create and leverage the biggest multipliers necessary to successfully grow and scale any business at an accelerated pace. They begin by looking at each business from a 30,000 foot view and uncover the gaps, discover the missed opportunities, and identify the 20% that creates 80% of results. 


As a team, they embrace the desired vision and long-term goals of each unique business when optimizing, designing, strategizing and implementing custom, sustainable, and scalable campaigns and initiatives to increase profit, not just revenue. 
They are also responsible for guiding their clients through David’s proven, three phase process (The Infinite Scaling System™) that integrates four of the biggest success drivers to maximize growth and scalability.  

His most recent venture, Nitrogen Hiring Network™, is a new Entrepreneur exclusive recruitment and hiring division– helping clients accelerate business growth by building their own high-performing team of superheroes, leading with culture. Empowering Entrepreneurs with the freedom and confidence to focus on what they do best, and surround themselves with a team of A-players to help them reach their ultimate vision.

As David and his team continue to thrive, they grow closer to reaching their ultimate goal: To positively impact 1 billion people worldwide through clients implementing their result-driven business, marketing and sales strategic solutions.

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